Service – Asset Tracking

When assets have been misappropriated, stolen or hidden for any number of reasons, CSI has the experience and skills to locate the assets and lawfully repatriate them. CSI accomplishes this by using a number of legal avenues and proprietary sources to identify the current whereabouts of assets and the mechanisms used to conceal them.

With respect to corporate assets hidden offshore, CSI has access to a global network of trusted and reliable sources that can identify the jurisdiction and law firm or offshore formation company that formed the company and the identity of nominee director(s) or owners and beneficial owners. Upon securing information on the individual or corporate financial activities, CSI’s qualified forensic accountants analyze the books and records of debits and credits and craft a detailed timeline demonstrating the movement of funds of the account transactional history.

CSI works closely with law enforcement, government officials and attorneys to lawfully freeze and secure the funds. Our team of investigators and ex-prosecutors are adept and knowledgeable at the nuances of international law as it relates to recovering funds from foreign financial institutions and communicating with local counsel and government officials as needed to ensure success while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Where applicable, our team can identify when the line between a corporate entity and an individuals has been blurred. In these cases, CSI’s forensic accountants search for “alter ego” elements necessary to “pierce the (artificial) corporate veil” and show that the corporate entity and individual are effectively one and the same under the eyes of the law.

This is accomplishes by analyzing the relevant elements, looking for patterns, such as the individual being sole owner, officer and director of the company, office address is also the individual’s residential address, commingling of personal and business funds, interlocking boards of directors and the like. Similarly, we determine whether payments, loans, disbursements, transfers, sales, and other transactions have been made in “good faith” and at “arm’s length” as well as whether the subject has engaged in “fraudulent conveyance.” We can provide counsel with an expert report to help satisfy judgments or recover otherwise stolen funds.